Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Community Residential Hospice?

A residential hospice is a health care facility and registered charity that provides end-of-life palliative care in a home-like setting. Compassionate care and comfort are delivered free of charge, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, by a highly qualified team of health professionals skilled in all aspects of palliative care and assisted by allied healthcare professionals and friendly volunteer staff.
Hospice care includes pain and symptom management as well as emotional, spiritual and social support not only for the patients, but also for their families and loved ones. The tranquil setting offers an alternative to dying in hospital or at home.

What are the Benefits of a Residential Hospice?

Alternative Care: A Residential Hospice provides a dignified alternative to dying in hospital or long-term care facility – a warm environment where the focus is on the patient, not the illness, delivering optimal care and a better end-of-life experience for both the patient and their family.

Family Support: A residential hospice provides a variety of supports, including physical, emotional, cultural and spiritual. Families who have benefited from the services provided by a Residential Hospice frequently express how the burden and stress of being a primary caregiver was lifted when their loved one was moved to a hospice bed. Finally they could focus on spending quality time as a partner, brother or daughter at this crucial time.

Diversity and Acceptance: Residential Hospice care is non-denominational and culturally sensitive. Care is available to anyone, regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation, economic status or disability. Residents are able to live their final days in a way that honours their belief and value system.

Healthcare System Relief: When a palliative patient is cared for in a Residential Hospice, Emergency Room visits and hospital bed admission are minimized, resulting in reduced wait times for other patients as well as improved hospital bed utilization and significant savings to the health care system. The average cost of an acute-care hospital bed in Ontario is approximately $1100/day, vs $460/day in a hospice bed.

Is there a cost to stay at the hospice?

No, hospice resident’s care is provided free of charge, to residents of Durham with a valid OHIP card.

How is a Residential Hospice funded?

Our charity depends on contributions from our community members to help raise the capital required for property, project planning, construction, equipment and furnishings to build our hospice facility.
Once operational, the provincial government provides funding for clinical care staff, however, this only covers a portion of the annual operating costs of the facility. All other operating costs including administrative staff, utilities, insurance, maintenance and office expenses must be covered entirely through charitable donations and fundraising activities.

When will Oak Ridges Hospice be open for operation?

We are currently in the planning and design stage for our facility and expect to be operational in 2020.

How many beds will Oak Ridges Hospice have?

Currently the Central East Local Health Integration Network (CE LHIN) has allocated funding for 5 hospice beds to Oak Ridges Hospice. The hospice will be designed with the ability to expand up to 10 beds should demand warrant and additional provincial funding become available.

Who will be eligible for admission when the hospice opens?

Oak Ridges Hospice will work collaboratively with the Central East Local Health Integration Network and other community stakeholders to accept referrals for residents of Durham Region who are in the last weeks to months of life. Admissions will be based on an assessment tool that identifies the person most in need of the services and facility.

How can I support Oak Ridges Hospice?

  • Make a financial donation to our Capital Campaign
  • Make a Memorial Donation to honour a loved one
  • Make a gift of securities, stocks, bonds or life insurance
  • Leave a gift to Oak Ridges Hospice in your will
  • Host a fundraising event to support Oak Ridges Hospice
  • Spread the word about Oak Ridges Hospice to family, friends and associates and encourage them to support us
  • Make a donation of goods or services to support our hospice
  • Consider being a volunteer