memorial Giving

Memorial gifts are a meaningful way to honour a deceased family member, friend, neighbour or colleague.  

Memorial gifts may be given in lieu of flowers for a funeral service, to mark an anniversary of the individual's death or at other special times of remembrance.

By choosing to celebrate the life of a loved one through a memorial donation, your gift will support Oak Ridge Hospice's mission to help others touched by a life-limiting illness.

The family of the person memorialized or honoured will be notified of your generous gift if their contact information is provided, but no amount will be named.  

Oak Ridges Hospice gratefully acknowledges donations received in memory of the following individuals

Jim Ellison

Eli Faerge

Barbara Fallis

Janice Fertile

Howard Hall

Irene Foster

Earle Geer

Jim Green

Debbie Hardy

Murray Holtby

Tot Holtby

Dot Hooker

Jessie Johnston

Peter Kanellis

Joe Bavaro

Edith Beckberger

Norman Bohunicky

Jim Bradbury

Bill Brock

J. A. Lennox Brown

Wilbert Caddick

Irene Capon

Gail Anne Chellew

Dr. William Cohoon

Patrick Cushing

Wemke DeJong

Arianne den Boer

Art Doyle

Brian Ross

Rhonda Rothery

Carl Stewart Rusnell

Robert Russell

Madeline Rutledge

Morgan Sears

Else Schillings

Mark Szuch

John Tokic

Carol Wilbur

Jean Woodward

Alexander Kennedy

Carol Knapper

Al Kuiper

Beverly MacKenzie

Merilyn MacKinnon

Thomas Manns

George McKay

Joan Middleton

Pamela Morgan

Flora Muldoon

Ray Munro

Keith Quirk

Wayne Robinson